Gaming and Mental Health – What’s the Relationship of the Two?

blog post - Gaming and its Correlation to Mental Health

Many believe that gaming will always lead to a disorder that level with alcoholic and substance abuse. However, many psychologists believe that gaming can also positively affect one’s mental health. In this article, we will discuss the relationship of gaming and mental health and effects of gaming on one’s mental health and its correlation.

Gaming and Mental Health

Excessive Gaming

If someone plays too much game and prioritizes playing over other work or interests, it will always lead to addiction. However, many researchers think that playing computer games also have a positive outcome in one’s health.

Gaming addiction is an issue that many people want to address. Many pieces of research also revealed that it hits children and young adults the most. However, some therapists say that playing games can improve one’s brain function and reduces stress and anxiety. They noted that there are several benefits to gaming when paired with the correct medication and other techniques.

The Theory of Gaming

In 1975, some experts discovered the game theory. The theory uses video gaming to aid the therapy of some disorders. It even got tested with anxiety disorders, which is the most common disorder in the US.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reported that almost 40 million people were affected by depression and anxiety in the country. However, only a third of them receive proper mental health treatment. Even though both disorders are treatable, therapists still come up with alternatives; thus, the use of gaming can aid in the treatment of mental health issues.

In Bradley University, researchers did a study on how gamification can be of use to counseling. Results showed that the patients who play games a lot do not feel the pressures that they have to deal with in the real world. If the patient becomes more relaxed and can express his thoughts well, it is easier for the therapist to treat the disorder.

Youth Gambling

The most significant gamers worldwide and the most affected by gambling addiction is the youth. In a recent study, results showed that Spain had the highest percentage for gambling addicted adolescents. However, with the use of game therapy, psychologists believe that the youth can open up more, and therapy might be more comfortable.

Therapists also have a patient play a CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy-based game. In the game, the patient must unlock stages to get rewards.

Gaming and Therapy in the Future

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, therapists are also waiting for new gaming techs to help treat their patients. Some software providers are even creating online games that can help deal with mental health issues.

Many teachers voiced out their opinion that software providers must also have a basic understanding of the mental health issues and be aware of how these affect the players of the games that they created.

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