5 families

The five families have ruled New York for decades and built the American Mafia into an underworld empire. However, the American Mafia is now in trouble as it has been beset by aggressive law enforcement, incompetent leadership, betrayals and generational change. But a twenty-year campaign against the Five Families has finally brought an end to the underworld’s most notorious family. If you’ve ever wanted to know what made these family leaders tick, take a look at 5 Families.

The 5 Families slot is designed in the style of a mafia game, and the visuals are lavish and sprawling. The reels are made up of five different families, each with their own identities, and the player needs to load all five chambers in order to win a jackpot. This is a relatively small jackpot, but it’s still worth playing for the potential of a million-dollar payout. Although there are other popular slots that have bigger jackpots, the 5 Families game doesn’t have those features.

As with many of the slot games from Red Tiger Gaming, the 5 Families game offers an enticing visual experience. Its 5-reel configuration and ten paylines ensure that players can enjoy a high-quality game with a low volatility level. There are no bonus rounds or multipliers on this slot machine, but it does have a VIP Room feature that allows the player to unlock exclusive rewards and bonuses. The five-reel slot is one of the lowest-volatility games, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not enjoyable.

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