Youth Gambling and Its Rising Rate in Spain

Youth gambling has since been one of the significant issues of countries that legalized gambling. In research done in 2016, it showed that gambling became a popular activity in adolescents. Because of the new extensions of laws in many countries, even underground gambling became prevalent in the youth.

In 2019, Spain became the house for the highest rate of youth gambling in Europe. The study conducted by the Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers and the Association of Psychology showed that teens in Spain are the most addicted to gambling than many other European countries.

The government of Spain revealed that the increase in youth gambling came from ages 14 to 21. Although there was already a ban on betting houses within 100 meters from schools and other educational centers, these teens would still have access to gambling through online casinos.

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In addition to Online Gambling

The Spanish youth turned to the internet to quench their thirst for gambling because of the strict laws implemented in land-based casinos in Spain.

According to the study of Becoña et al. (2001), the findings showed that there were 86.1% of non-problem gamblers in Spain, and 8.2% were at risk. The percentage of the problematic players was only 5.6%, and 10.6% of those were boys. Among the problematic youth gamblers, 6% were from the age of 14 to 17 years old, and 4.6% were from 18 to 21 years old.

In 2015, Becoña’s team did another survey on teen gambling and found out that 4.6% were problematic gamblers. Most of the teen gamblers got hooked on online sports betting and online poker.

Madrid police officer, Tomas Calamardo, offered to hold workshops to help gambling-addicted teens sober up. According to Calamardo, although tobacco and alcoholic drink ads were banned on television, gambling ads are still everywhere and continue to penetrate the minds of teens. If a celebrity would appear on a gambling ad, it will significantly impact the youth.

Legal Gambling Means More Gambling Addicted Youth

According to a review paper by Filipa Calado, the availability of legal gambling has a direct correlation to the rise of the youth addicted to gambling. It also has a direct impact on the gambling problems of many young people. Despite the age requirement of gambling, youth gambling is still higher than in adults.

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Adolescent Gambling Worldwide

Researchers conducted studies on adolescent gambling across the globe, and results showed that there were only a few data about teenage gambling. Europe, North America, and Australia were the only countries with the most data on youth gambling. Despite the lack of data, there was still a 12.3% outcome of youth gambling problems from the five continents. And among the continents, Europe showed the highest rate.

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